This drawing shows MJ from another perspective, off the court. It is one of a kind – all the way down to
the expensive suits, the confident grin, and a diamond studded “6”(championships) earring dangling
from his ear.
This painting was a landmark in Vincent’s career. Completed in
1997 it was his first attempt at arranging a sports oil painting.
None other could be his choice than the greatest athlete of his time.
This drawing captures a  flu-stricken Jordan as he is held up by
teammate Scottie Pippen in the final minutes of the game after one
of the most remarkable performances in the history of sports.
This painting shows Mike gliding in the 1997
All-Star game in Cleveland. Jordan snuck
from behind the foul shooter, grabbed the
rebound off the rim, and punched it back in,
tongue wagging the whole time.
Original available
size: 18 x 24
Original available
size: 18 x 24