This drawing was completed by Vincent just days following the
event. During this dramatic tournament in which Payne Stewart
claimed the title, David Duval and Tiger Woods switched the #1 and
#2 ranking for best player in the World – a position that tiger held
until 2004. The historical Pinehurst clubhouse, the “Mecca of Golf”
drapes the background.
Vincent collaborated with
Victor to portray a peaceful
moment during Payne’s
determined journey toward the
A collaboration by the twins, Victor
painted the 18th at Pinehurst #2 while
Vincent captured Payne in full emotion
upon sealing the 1999 U.S. Open
An oil painting of Payne Stewart taking
the lead in the 3rd round of the 1999 US
Open at Pinehurst,NC.  
Original available
canvas size: 18 x 24
Limited Edition Print
size: 18 x 24
Original available
size: 18 x 24
canvas size: 12 x 20