The art of twin brothers Victor and Vincent Wood is merely a reflection of their lives. Born in Raleigh, N.C., in 1973, Victor arrived six minutes
later than his brother, to everyone’s surprise. Under the influence of their highly individualistic mother, who died in 1989 from cancer, the twins
developed an early enthusiasm for creativity as well as a strong, competitive drive to achieve. From the ages of five, their remarkable gift was
The twins mastered their skills through intensive self-learning and experimentation. They are naturally talented, neither ever having any classes or
formal training. Competition also fueled the urge to strive for perfection in each work. In 1996, the brothers began their professional careers and
their notoriety, as well as their talent, continues to grow each year. Each brother developed his own style and creativity, which has evolved into a
versatile team that covers virtually the entire fine arts field. Their talent is comparatively equal, yet diverse and uniquely individual.
Vincent quickly etched his name in the art field at a young age in 2000 when Topps sports cards commissioned him to do the design for 6 special
insert cards in their premium set. It was a great honor for Vincent, who had grown up collecting cards. Vincent continues to stay involved in
professional sports as he has provided commissioned pieces to athletes, teams, and corporations.

In the 2000 Jimmy V Celebrity charity events, the twins were commissioned to do the official poster and a special piece for the black tie auction.
Helping in the cause to find a cure for the disease that took their mother was a dream come true for the twins. They continue this effort today, and
their artwork is a tribute to her loving memory. Vincent's original painting and prints of the legendary Kay Yow were his latest contributions to the
cause in February of 2009 at the
Hoops for Hope charity event at Reynolds Coliseum in Raleigh, NC.
The twins were raised in Garner, N.C. and are alumni of Garner High School - traits shared by 2011 American Idol Winner, Scotty McCreery. Vincent
recently painted a tribute of the hometown artist "I am Second", in which he gave it to the Country Music phenom.
Victor and Vincent turned the bedroom they shared growing up into a sports dream room by drawing all their favorite players on the
walls. The closet door was also covered with hundreds of players’ faces they drew on paper and cut out. The photos above were
taken when the twins were 10 years old.
Victor & Vincent, age 10

"The painting is just beautiful!" Judy McCreery

“We were so glad Judy had the opportunity to let you know how much they appreciated the painting. It was very obvious when she first
saw it, she was overwhelmed, and we know that Scotty loved it. Both Judy and Scotty immediately noticed his bracelet.” –
Dennis and
Barbara Marshall (The McCreery Neighbors)

“Awesome baby!” – Dick Vitale, ESPN

""We are so pleased with the work done for our nursery! Such a wonderful piece of artwork & now that he's in his crib, even Trevor will
turn and stare at it. Thanks again." –

"We are truly thankful for your contributions to the Jimmy V Foundation. Your mother would have been proud of you both." Coach
Mike Krzyzewski

"Thank you so much for all of your art donations for the Children's Flight of Hope silent auction. It should make you feel great to know
your art raised $2300 for organization. You personally have made a difference in the life of a very special child."
Amy Young,
Children's Flight of Hope

"Three times you have come through for us. Three times you have taken a vision and made it a reality. Three times you have put these
businesses over and above what we could have dreamed possible. You are truly one of a kind and we will always be in awe of your
talents and forever indebted."
Chuck Tolles, owner Maui Tan salons
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Tarheel Traveler
Scott Mason's
story about the twins
Awards, Features, Events, and other Accolades:
Exhibits at Cary Lazy Days, The Carolina Christmas Show, Fayetteville Fine Art Show and several Galleries in the Triangle Area and Piedmont Area of NC- 1995-1999
Twins Immersed in Art, Garner News- Sept. 1999
Motivational Monday Feature Interview, K97.5fm Radio, February 2000
Twins to Show Art at Historic Auditorium, Garner news, March 2000
Feature Art Exhibit Show at GPAC in Garner NC- March 2000
Twin Artists Prove Blood is Thicker than Paint, WRAL-TV 5 Feature Interview, June 2000
Twin Artists Create Jimmy V Poster, N&O- Aug. 2000
The Jimmy V "Fight to Find a Cure" Events (Blacktie Gala, Public Signing, and Celebrity Golf Tournament in Prestwood, Cary NC), Live Auction of Original Art and sale of
posters of the event helped raise over $20,000 for charity- Aug. 2000
Jimmy V Events, covered by ESPN- Aug. 2000
Local Artist Commissioned to design Topps Trading Cards, Garner News- Dec. 6, 2000
Local Artist Commissioned to design Topps Trading Cards, Cleveland Post- Dec. 7, 2000
Twin Artist Draws for Topps Cards, NBC17 TV Feature Interview- Dec. 2000
Feature Art Exhibit at Cary Athletic Club- 2001
Watkins Golf Tourney Benefits Scholarship, Relay for Life, Garner News, March 2002
Watkins Charity Golf Tournament in Garner NC, auction of prints helped raise $2500 for 6 scholarships- 2002-2008
RumRunners Opens, Ft. Wayne, IN Newspaper- 2005
Charlie Foster's Opens, Kalamazoo Gazette- July 2008
The Kay Yow Hoops4Hope NCAA Charity Basketball Event at Reynolds Coliseum in Raleigh NC, auction of original painting raised $6,000 for charity- Feb. 15, 2009
Church Paints Picture of Growth, The Garner Citizen, July 2010
Artist Makes Sport of Images, N&O/Garner-Cleveland Record, Sept. 2010
Sports Card and Memorabilia Feature Exhibit at NC Fairgrounds- July 30-Aug. 1, 2010
Garner Around Town, GOTV Feature Interview, Aug. 2011
Downtown Garner Getting a Mural, N&O/Garner-Cleveland Record- Aug. 21, 2011
Garner Pins Revitalization on the Arts, N&O- Aug. 21, 2011
Town has Fame, Now Seeks Fortune, Garner News- Aug. 24, 2011
Public Art Initiative Begins with Baseball Mural- Aug. 24, 2011
Garner to Dedicate Baseball Mural- Sept. 4, 2011
Mural Signing Ceremony- Garner News- Sept. 7, 2011
Public Speech and Mural Dedication ceramony with Mayor of Garner NC- Sept. 9, 2011
Public Speech and Mural Unveiling at Historic Angie's Restaurant in Garner NC- Oct. 2011
Public Speech and Mural Unveiling at GMHS in Garner NC- Nov.18, 2011
Garner Legends Honored, N&O- Nov. 19, 2011 (Went Worldwide on the AP)
Mural Salutes Garner Legends, N&O/Garner-Cleveland Record- Nov. 23, 2011
Recognized in the Mayor's State of the Town Address for Garner for public art initiative, NC- Nov. 2011
Named to GMHS Notable Alumni List on Wikipedia- Nov. 2011
Garner Twin Artists Double Up on Creativity, WRAL-TV 5's Emmy award-winning Feature Series with Scott Mason- Jan. 9, 2012
Exhibited at the Hope Cafe in Raleigh NC- February 2012
The 1in9 Breast Cancer Charity Pinktie Gala at the Sheraton Downtown in Raleigh NC, original paintings raised $10,000 for the charity at the live auction- Feb. 15, 2012
Garner to Bring Artists Together, N&O/Garner-Cleveland Record- March 28, 2012
The USO-NC's Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home Celebration at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Exhibit and Live Performance- March 31, 2012
The Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home Celebration at Charlotte Motor Speedway, WHIG-TV Feature Interview- March 31, 2012
Recognized on stage at the USO-NC Triad Tribute to the Troops Gala for service to troops in Greensboro NC- April 2012
JDRF Denim & Diamonds Gala at Northridge CC in Raleigh NC, auction of original painting done several weeks prior with the JDRF Junior Ambassadors and uction of other
artwork helped raise $8000 for charity- April 14, 2012
Chairs of Hope Bring Tears of Joy, Cleveland Post- April 26, 2012
The Morning Show Live, NBC17 TV Live 6-hour Feature and Live Art performance- May 9, 2012 (Asked by my Town to represent us in the stations series called "5 towns in 5
Recognized Onstage at Art Off Main/Music Off Main Concert for communityservice   in Garner NC- May 10, 2012
Exhibited at Art Off Main/Music Off Main Concert in Garner NC- May 10, 2012
Recognized at Garner NC Memorial Day Celebration for service to vets, and displayed "Sevice and Sacrifice" painting- May 2012
Finally, A Heroes Welcome, The Daily Record- June 10, 2012
Exhibited at the Hope Cafe in Raleigh NC- June 2012
"Celebrating Service & Sacrifice of Heroes in a Water Tower Town Event at the Hope Cafe"- June 25, 2012 (Produced, Scripted, Directed, and Hosted a 250 person sold-out
event honoring local heroes)
Recognized by USO-NC President,  ret. Lt. Col.  John Falkenbury,  for service to troops at Celebrating Service & Sacrifice of Heroes in a Water Tower Town Event at the Hope
Cafe- June 25, 2012
Named Alumni of the Week by GMHS for community service- July 2012
Healing Vietnam Vets with Art, WRAL-TV 5 Feature Interview with Brian Mims- July 4, 2012
Artist Paints Vet Memorial, N&O/Garner-Cleveland Record- July 11, 2012
Named Representative for Town of Garner in bid for All-American City Award given by the National Civic League- July 2012
Artist Inspired by Vietnam Veterans to Create Symbol of Healing, The Examiner by NASCAR's Greg Engle- July 29, 2012
Garner Around Town, GOTV Feature Interview with Mayor- Aug. 2012
Garner Greats, Feature in Cary Magazine, Recognized as one of Garner's Greatest Citizens- Sept. 2012
Vincent Wood, Feature in Au Courant online Magazine, Oct. 2012
Wood Painting Garner onto Bar Wall, N&O/Garner-Cleveland Record- Oct. 2, 2012
Public Speech and Mural Unveiling at Aversboro Restaurant- Oct. 20, 2012
Feast on the 'Lights', N&O/Garner-Cleveland Record- Nov. 4, 2012

The Vietnam Vet Painting "Service and Sacrifice"/ Tour of Awareness and Healing , Exhibits and Events
(The Official Painting of the event began March 31, 2012)
The USO-NC's Vietnam Veteran Welcome Home Celebration Dignitary Dinner, Private Concert, and 62,000-person Main Event at Charlotte Motor Speedway NC, the USO-NC
Triad Tribute to the Troops in Greensboro NC, Rick's Coffee Shop and Military Museum in Mooresville NC, the Special Forces and NC Military Museums in Fayetteville NC,  the
Memorial Day Celebration in Garner NC, the Art Off Main/ Music Off Main Concert in Garner NC, the Hope Cafe Exhibit, the NBC17 TV Live Morning Show, the June 25
"Celebrating Service and Sacrifice of Heroes in a Water Tower Town" Event in Garner NC, the WRAL-TV 5  July 4th Feature, the Daily Record Feature Article, and the GOTV
Feature Interview with the Mayor.

List of Charities that artwork has helped raise Money for from 1999 to Present:
Jimmy V, Kay Yow's Hoops4Hope, 1in9, JDRF, USO-NC, Childrens Flight for Hope, JoannWatkins Memorial Scholarship Fund, Vandora Springs Elementary, Wake Christain
School, GMHS, Garner Fire Dept., Garner Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club of Garner NC, Plymouth Church, St. Ames Church and several other local charities, churches,
and community organizations.

The Topps Cards Project
In 2000, Vincent produced 6 drawings that were turned into rare trading cards by the market empire, The Topps Card Co. These cards were used in the 2000 basketball and
hockey sets, came only in every 15 packs, and are traded and sold Wordwide on the market.

AP Story about hometown mural
The N&O did a front page story about Vincent's mural at GMHS, that included Country Music Star Scotty McCreery, who is from his hometown. Both are alums of the reknowned
high school. The story was picked up by the AP, and went Worldwide to thousands of news outlets in every genre of media. As Scotty McCreery had just won American Idol, and
was just beginning his senior year at the school, the interest compounded into an immeasurable amount of exposure and buzz, which continues to this day. The mural of the
iconic teenager is listed on Google Maps, helping all tourists and Scotty fans find the local monument in Garner, NC.

Notable Clients:
The artwork produced for SHOWTIME EVENTS, based in Destin, FL, is used in their events, which covers the entire Caribbean and most of the U.S. SHOWTIME is the #1,
award-winning event company in the business. The entertainment company has over 300 props, hard-sets, and backdrops produced by Vincent and Victor, many of which are
20' high x 40' long. The twins began working with SHOWTIME in 2003 and continue to produce custom art needs for them to this day.

Scotty McCreery, Country Music Star
Donald Williams- 1993 Final 4 MVP for Dean Smith and UNC's National Championship Team
Jerry Stackhouse- UNC All-American and NBA allstar
Pat Watkins- ECU All-American and MLB player
David West- Xavier All-American and NBA allstar
Payne Stewart- 1999 US Open Champ at Pinehurst
Shane Willis- Former NHL player, Carolina Huricane
Antonio Pettigrew- Gold Medal Winner 4x400m Relay at Sydney Olympics
Kevin Sorbo- Actor, Hercules and Andromeda
USO-NC and Pres. John Falkenbury
The Vietnam Vet Welcome Home Celebration at Charlotte Motor Speedway
The Town of Garner and the Revitalization Group
Garner Chamber of Commerce
Garner Mayor Ronnie Williams
The Jimmy V Celebrity Charity Events
NCSU and Kay Yow and Hoops4Hope
Children's Flight for Hope
Topps Card Co.
Showtime Events
Rumrunners Dueling Piano Bars
Robuck Homes