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"The painting is just beautiful!" Judy McCreery, American Idol winner Scotty McCreery's mother

“We were so glad Judy had the opportunity to let you know how much they appreciated the painting. It was very
obvious when she first saw it, she was overwhelmed, and we know that Scotty loved it. Both Judy and Scotty
immediately noticed his bracelet.” –
Dennis and Barbara Marshall (The McCreery Neighbors)

“Awesome baby!” – Dick Vitale, ESPN

""We are so pleased with the work done for our nursery! Such a wonderful piece of artwork & now that he's in his
crib, even Trevor will turn and stare at it. Thanks again." –

"We are truly thankful for your contributions to the Jimmy V Foundation. Your mother would have been proud of
you both."
– Coach Mike Krzyzewski

"Thank you so much for all of your art donations for the Children's Flight of Hope silent auction. It should make
you feel great to know your art raised $2300 for organization. You personally have made a difference in the life of
a very special child."
– Amy Young, Children's Flight of Hope

"Three times you have come through for us. Three times you have taken a vision and made it a reality. Three
times you have put these businesses over and above what we could have dreamed possible. You are truly one of
a kind and we will always be in awe of your talents and forever indebted."
– Chuck Tolles, owner Maui Tan salons