About 1in9
Every day, thousands of women are diagnosed with breast cancer. This diagnosis will tragically affect
their families in multitudes of ways. Our ultimate goal at 1in9 is to ease some of the burdens that
come along with the diagnosis of breast cancer. These burdens may be emotional, physical or
financial. By helping needy women and their families, we can make their journey through cancer

Many families do not have medical insurance to cover the cost of life saving treatments and in
addition, those fortunate enough to have insurance coverage cannot fund the enormous non-medical
expenses. Few families have the financial resources to cover all of these expenses and many of
these patients do not receive any cancer treatment as a result.

1in9 has identified many areas in which we can help. Assistance often includes financial assistance to
defray the costs treatments, prescriptions and medical supplies. Often, patients require assistance
with out-of-town lodging, transportation to and from appointments and meals.  With the assistance of
medical advisors, our staff aids in identifying the families in need and pinpoint their immediate needs.
Our aid to the families is swift and effective.

In addition, 1in9 focuses on community education regarding the incidence of breast cancer and the
importance of early detection with mammograms, self-exams and yearly physicals. Breast cancer is
curable if it is identified early. Medical studies have shown that women without insurance and women
in lower income brackets are diagnosed with more advanced stages of cancer and therefore more
likely to die from breast cancer. 1in9 addresses this grim statistic through community awareness
events, patient education programs and by providing mammograms to women without the resources
to pay for them otherwise.

You can join forces with 1in9 in many ways. You can help 1in9 make a difference by making monetary
donations, purchasing 1in9 merchandise, volunteering with our organization or by becoming a
corporate sponsor. With your help, we can save lives!

It’s also critical that you help 1in9 spread the word about breast cancer. ONE IN NINE women will be
diagnosed with this disease. We urge you to reach out to NINE women in your life and start the
conversation about this devastating disease. Stress the importance of yearly mammograms, physicals
and monthly self-exams. The woman’s life we save may be one of the women that you love most.